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General information

Tiger’s eye is an opaque
yellow to reddish-brown stone with a silky sheen. Falcon’s eye is a blue-grey
variant of tiger’s eye. The yellowish variant is sometimes sold as the
more valuable cat’s eye (chrysoberyl).


Tiger Eye is a
protective stone that focuses attention inwards and towards the greater
whole. The stone protects against negative external influences and gives
insight into ourselves and others. The stone helps to take distance, maintain an
overview, integrate information and achieve your goals. In
difficult periods tiger eye can give strength, courage and confidence and help with
internal conflicts, dilemmas, doubt and indecision. Tiger eye promotes
calmness, is analgesic, helps with nervous system over-stimulation and
counteracts hyperventilation. The stone has a positive influence on
colds, asthma, eyes, throat, sexual organs and relaxes tension.
Tiger’s eye can be useful for people with personality disorders and


Tiger Eye can be cleansed and charged in all
be cleaned and charged in all ways.


Solar plexus (3rd)


Gemini & Leo

*The above information is not scientifically proven; it is based on experience and
results of users and therapists. In case of doubt always consult a doctor.