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General information

Sodalite is colourless, milky white, yellowish to greenish or blue. The pink variety is called hackmanite. The stone is translucent with a glassy to oily sheen.


Sodalite gives you insight into yourself and helps you be true to yourself. It promotes self-acceptance, self-respect and self-confidence. It helps break restrictive thought and behaviour patterns such as self-defence mechanisms, fears and phobias. It promotes desire for freedom, idealism, truth and expressing your opinions and feelings. Sodalite strengthens logic, rational thinking and objectivity and unites this with intuition. The stone absorbs electromagnetic radiation from computers and mobile phones, for example, and encourages deep, insightful meditation. Sodalite can also be used well in a group to strengthen harmony, trust and solidarity. Physically, the stone helps with complaints of the throat, neck, larynx and vocal cords (especially hoarseness). It works to lower fever, lower blood pressure, cool, balance metabolism and stimulate fluid absorption in the body.


Sodalite can be cleansed and recharged in all ways.


Throat chakra (5th) and forehead chakra (6th)




The name sodalite comes from the Latin word sodium (sodium) and the Greek word lithos (stone).

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