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General information

Citrine is yellow or orange-brown in colour. The stone belongs to the macrocrystalline quartz family. Citrine is often imitated by heating amethyst or smoky quartz. This variant is less potent than naturally occurring citrine. Smokey citrine is a combination of citrine and smoky quartz and combines the properties of both stones.


Citrine is a sunny and warming stone. The stone promotes self-confidence, self-respect, individuality, extraversion and encourages self-realisation. It gives energy, joie de vivre and courage, thus helping to overcome depression, fears and phobias and self-destructive behaviour. Citrine attracts happiness, prosperity, success, wealth and abundance and encourages the wearer to share this with others. The stone makes creative and promotes self-expression and helps to resolve conflicts within a group. Citrine protects the aura and cleanses the chakras. Physically, the stone also provides energy. It stimulates digestion and has a beneficial effect on the stomach, spleen, pancreas and intestines. Citrine also helps with infections of the kidneys and bladder, improves blood circulation and helps people with chronic fatigue syndrome.


Citrine can be cleansed and charged in all ways but a bit careful with sunlight.


Citrine can be worn on or near the body, preferably on the skin.
You can meditate with the stone.
Citrine can be processed into an elixir and this works particularly well with menstrual complaints and during the menopause.


Solar plexus chakra (3rd)


Gemini & Leo


Most citrine comes from Brazil.

*The above information is not scientifically proven; it is based on experience and
results of users and therapists. In case of doubt always consult a doctor.